WTS 65mil Perfect Rev pilot! Perfect gunnery skills

65+ mil skill points
T2 Guns
T2 Seige
Amarr Dread 5
Minmatar Dread 4
Gallente Dread 4
Capital Ships 4
Strong skills - Level 4 Rev/Chemosh mastery
Mid-grade Amulet (formerly Slaves) set with OMEGA Clone with:
Eifyr and Co. ‘Gunslinger’ Motion Prediction MR-703
Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Mechanic MC-803
Inherent Implants ‘Lancer’ Gunnery RF-903
Inherent Implants ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1003
2 remaps (one annual, one bonus)
In high-sec
-0.60 sec status
No kill rights
NPC corp
Positive wallet

Starting bid: 40bil
Buy out: 55bil

Any questions?
Thank you


45 bil buyout

50 and you have a deal!

Deal. Once I come home I’ll send you isk and info

Perfect, will be waiting.

isks and account info have been sent

isk received. Transfer started!

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