WTS 66m sp pvp toon . rev hac logi

wts myself


mainly amarr trained
good core skills
good gunnery
good navigation

all ccp rules apply

pos wallet
pos sec stat

starting 65b B/O make my day

55 bil

thanks bid noted looking for more :slight_smile:

I can offer 57b

looking for more thanks

I can offer 60b at most

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that’s quite a good offer

do you accept?

ill wait a little longer bud

Up to the top lets hit 70b !!


61b b/o

62b isk

63 bil

offering the 65B B/o

accept let me know when you are online

66 bil lets do this

ok send isk and account info

sending now

isk and account info received transfer has start to the chosen account. thank you for your business please confirm on here once you receive o/