WTS 66M SP Super/Subcap Pilot

I am selling myself.

Great PVP/PVE Pilot
He can fly Hel/Nyx - Jump Drive Calibration LV5
He can fly T2 Subcap’s + Loki + Logi
He can scan very well T2 relic + data

All CCP rules apply
Positive wallet.
Positive Sec Status.
Remap 1 available + 1 bonus
No Kill right
No Jump Clones
Located in Amarr at the moment of sale.

Starting Bid 40Bil Pls

I will receive ISK from the sale.
I will pay the Transfer Fee to CCP

44 bil

53 Billion

@Hutchy_II I accept 53Bil. I will wait for transfer of isk and information. thank you.

isk and account details sent.

Isk + info received. Transfer being made now. Thank you.

confirmation email received. Thanks

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