SOLD-50M SP Subcap Pilot For Sale

My master has chosen to sell me due to real life affecting his game play.

My information can be viewed at: Death’s Head

Positive Wallet

Two killrights against other players but wont affect this pilot.

Located in Jita 4-4

Owns 44 subcap skins that I’m not taking into consideration on the price.

Sec status is -1.0 but can travel freely throughout empire.

All CCP rules apply.

Will be transfered with CC.

B/O Set at 50 Bil

40 bil

When will this bid ends?

There is a hidden reserve, or when the buyout is met. Thank you.

50 bil , ISK ready

B/O accepted. Send isk and account info.

are you Death’s alt?

Confirming this is me. I am selling both and forgot I logged in the other :stuck_out_tongue:

ISK and info sent to death’s head

Isk and info received. Transfer will be started shortly. Please confirm transfer email upon receipt.

transfer email received

character received

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