WTS 43m SP Subcap/Blop Pilot (SOLD)

Looking to sell my main pilot. Subcap pilot/blops.

Wallet Balance: 530k
Kill Rights: No kill rights
Jump Clones : 3
Character Location: Jita

starting big 33b



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Sorry forgot to mention auction will run til friday 24th 10pm CST


30b. WTV happens when auction ends under starting bid.

It’s Saturday?

Starting bid has not been met. Will extend auction to the 30th


33 bil

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any b/o

I will set b/o at 38B

35bil last for b/o

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if it goes till the end of auction then back to 33bil

ok Lets do 35b B/o

ok then

where to send isk and account details

i mean i am sending in varafamamey also the AccouNt to which it needs to be added

isk sent transfer the charc account name sent in game mail

any update

good morning, loggin in now

Transfer started. Thank you