[WTS] 67.9m SP Toon Born in 2011 / 50 b/o


(697.800k Unallocated SP)
Implants : Look at active clone implants on Link
No killrights
Positive wallet
Remap Available and 1 Bonus Remap Available
Character located in Jita

10/12 Trade Skills lvl 5
High Leaderships skills
PI all lvl 5
115k Lp Amar Navy

I am responsible for paying CCP the character transfer fee.
ISK from the sale goes to Horuka Morishima

start bid 45

daily bump

daily bump

45 bil

Thanks for the offer, make 50 B then we have a deal

daily bump

I’ll stretch a little… meet you in the middle at 47.5 bil

accepted, waiting for isk and account name

Mail sent to you in game, additional information requested for verification purposes. The ISK and account info will be sent promptly upon your reply.

Mail read and answered :slight_smile:

Thanks Horuka, the ISK and account information has been sent.

We are in the process of editing the transfer. Until the process is completed, the character to be transferred will remain in your account but will not be playable during that time.

Character name: Horuka Morishima

Will be completed in: 23.11.2018 02:14:40

If you have not initiated this character transfer, please write a petition to our customer service.

Transfer Confirmed. Thanks, Horuka, it’s been a pleasure to do business with you!

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