WTS 67m SP Erebus/Avatar/Moros/Rev pilot 65bil

Hey Everyone! Now on to my titan pilot for sale. Don’t ask - but - she has Gallente Titan 5 AND injected Amarr Titan skillbook (although no skill in it). She can fly both racial dreads as well. I am asking 65 billion isk.


She also has a high level implant set, shown below in high sec.


She has positive wallet and no assets to speak of (maybe some spare shuttles). She has no kill rights and no one has kill rights on her. She is located in a high sec NPC station. She is in an NPC corp.

I will pay for the transfer and I am not using ISK - so the transaction should be very fast (CCP will still require the 10 hour cautionary time delay).

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44b Offers

I would say I appreciate the offer, but that’s super low man. Thanks anyway.

45 B offer.
Most offers here are based on extraction value. You should look for a buyer who wants to play with this toon. Then, you can possibly get a higher offer.

i offer 50bil

Thanks, but I’ll hold out for just a bit more. :slight_smile:

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i offer 53bil

I offer 55b

I just saw it has ZERO missile skill-points so I’ll up my offer to 60b

56b offers

I will buy it out at 65b

66b offers

70b Offer if we can do the transaction within 4 hours - otherwise I’ll revoke my offer.

Extending this by 4 hours now.

I will take 70. Please send to the original character (Malicious Spite) and evemail me the account you wish to transfer to, and I will create transfer ASAP.

Confirming, I am Ha Chu. :slight_smile:

Mail and ISK are sent.

Character transferred!

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