WTS 65M Erebus/Moros/Apostle Pilot

Hi im for Sale,
Erebus/Moros/Apostle toon

Gallente Titan 5
Doomsday 5
Doomsday Rapid 5
Captail Blaster Spec. 5
Siege T2
Triage T2

  • Positive wallet
  • No kill rights
  • Located in NPC Station in Highsec
  • No Jumpclones
  • High-grade Slave Set+Noble Hull 1006+Evassive Man. 706 and Surgical Strike 905

Starting price : 60
BuyOut : None

pw: password
I will pay transfere Fee

50bil bid

Thx for the free bump

I am poor! 55bil bid

Still below my starting bid (which isn’t much more then the value of isk I get for extracting it and selling the skillinjectors + titansskillbook price and + implant value)

I think the implant can’t calculate the value, it is difficult to get him back to my station.
I have already used my entire asset for bidding this toons
I am really poor… Driving TT is my dream of playing EVE.
60bil bid

If you fly a titan without slave set you shouldn’t fly a titan , so you need to buy them yourself, why not.
Thx for the starting bid

The implant is very important to TT, I know, so I can only get the current price 60bil, because I have to buy the implant at the station.

Bump of the day looking for a bit more

Can consider the offer my gave if there are no more bids?

I’ll give it a few more days , if no other bids were made it’s yours

61 bil

62 bil

65b isk ready

66 bil


71 bil