WTS 65M Erebus/Moros/Apostle Pilot


80 bil

you win! ! You really have money! ! Envy~~~

Sylvanna Motso withdrawn his offer , so you are the highest bid with 75,5bil , if you still interested send isk and the account name to me via ingame mail

Wrote you an Ingame mail aswell

since both of them retreated their offers


thx for you offer m8 since wukong Udan hasnt answered me aswell highest bit is 61bill from Avallah

I don’t think you are sincere to sell. Is you looking for he to raise the price? Your approach is too obvious… I think I should not purchased by 75.5B. My previous offer 60bil,If you can accept it, you can trade now.

Fair enough.

Highsest bid is Avallah with 61b
Will close the Sale at Midnight EvEtime, whoever will be highest bid will get me.
Transfer will be done tomorrow morning at about 6EVEtime.

OK my offer 61B
Waiting for you

again … highest bid is 61b from Avallah, you will have to bid more then that to make the deal…

sorry my offer 62B
I saw that there was an offer before

62b is the highest bid from wukong udan , 17Hours left

I offer 63b/O


65b my last offer

66b. Do you have any Titan and dread skins bind to this pilot?

Hello spacefriends.

Avallah is currently holding highest bid.

The pilot has Skins applied:
Erebus Serpentis Skin
Erebus Capsuler Exlite XV
Erebus Exoplanet Hunter
Erebus Intaki Syndicate
Erebus Spirit
Erebus Valimor Legacy

Avatar Cold Iron
Ark Cold Iron
Providence Cold Iron
Providence Purity of the Throne


Highest bid is 67bil right now, this will last 2 more hours till Midnight EvEtime.
Whoever will have the highest bid , send the isk to this character and an ingame mail with the Account Name the Character should be transfered.
I’ll make the transfer tomorrow morning at about 6EvEtime +/-1 as soon as I’m back.

Midnight EvEtime has arrived. I sent an email to Dau Sung and ISK according to the quotation I gave. Please check and transfer as soon as possible