WTS 68m -Hi im Tony! and so can you!

Hi, Im Tony and you can be Tony as well! Below is an Idea of the cool things going down with Tony!
NPC corp
NPC station in Jita
Positive wallet
Positive sec status - Tony is cool with the cops!
No kill rights - Whod wanna kill tony!
Command B/c V - Tony has authority!
Logi V - need some reps? Tonys’ got you!
All crusiers V (triglavs too!)
Trig BS V - Tony be flyin those tri-angles
Good missile/turret application skills - Tony is a real straight shooter
Most relevant fitting skills V - Tony may overheat but he does not overload (mostly)
Check It out

70 bill B/O or Lets talk Tony!

44 bil

But on the skillboard character sec is -0.56

50 B ok?

57B offer!

60b offer