WTS 68m SP Isk Printer Character


Located in High Sec
In NPC Corp
Positive Isk Wallet
5.0 Security Status

Highlights -

4 Killer Clones

Clone 1 -Clone%201
Clone 2 - Clone%202
Clone 3 - Clone%203
Clone 4 - Clone%204

-Perfect Incursion Vindicator Pilot - Great for making a ton of isk, with Full HG Ascendancy Clone + Expensive other implants to finish it out
-Perfect Gila Pilot - Easily does all T5 Abyssal Sites with Clone to Support
-Perfect Macherial Pilot - Easily Blitz Level 4’s and make that crazy isk.
-Transport 4 - Transport all your loot in a Blockade Runner Easily!
-Amazing Social skills - Connections/Diplo/Security Connections/Social all level 5!
-PERFECT Armor Skills - All 5’s - Go into any armor fleet knowing you are set.
-Really awesome Drone skills - next step fighters not far away
-Perfect fitting skills - have no worries on cpu/pg management

  • Cybernetics 5/Biology 5

Really great pilot. Great for pve or pvp subcap. Great missile/gunnery skills, take this pilot to do whatever you want!

Starting bid - 67b

Buyout -73b

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60B ready


67B ready


68b Bid noted.

Added a buyout. Can be bought today!

Bump it up

Target Navigation Prediction 5 finishes in 17hr!

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