WTS 6m sp charactesrs drone control V

I want get 6b

Hello alliance mate. I’m looking for some characters with cybernetic V. Hence I can only offer 3.8b.

4b ok?

OK,3.8b my email is wangjiejun2012@126.com i’m newbie ,please teach me how sale charactesrs

sir,please give money to Akitsushima Japan

emmmmmm,who can buy my charactesrs?

I found different pilot already, sorry.

The way character sales work, is the person buying the character sends the isk to the character they are buying. In this case they would NOT being giving isk to “Akitsushima Japan”. They would send isk to “Nobunaga2017 Oda”. They should also evemail “Nobunaga2017 Oda” with the account name they’d like the character transferred to.

Once the isk and account name is sent, you send the isk to whatever character you want. Log out. And then go to the account management, services tab and initiate the transfer.

4.5b. You pay transfer fees.

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