Wts 7.5m Kamakawiwo ole Minmatar char Cynabal/Orca

EveSkillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kamakawiwo_ole pass 1234

Minmatar char BS/ Cynabal
Orca Mining Pilot

Location: high-sec
No killrights
Positive Wallet and Positive Sec Status
2 free remaps available
100000 unused skill Points

Bid 6Bil
B/O 8.5Bil

I pay transfer

my offer 4B

need abit more

bump. help me find a home, want to make a new character





5.5bil, can do it at any time




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I wait a few more hours , if no more bid I sell to daphiti

PM me in game and we can sort it out. I am online

well ill sell to
Daphiti Zamayid for 6.5bil

Awating acc name and isk.

2020.07.09 11:25 Player Donation -6,500,000,000 ISK 473,494,026 ISK [r] Daphiti Zamayid deposited cash into Kamakawiwo ole’s account

Account name has been sent via in game mail.

isk recieved. sent character… ty for trade

Thank you for your business. Will confirm when i get the character, o7

Just logged it. Character received. Thank you, have a good day!