WTS 7.6M SP Starter Pilot

Jako Kreutzfeldt Min Pilot
7.6 Million Total Skill Points with 765,000 Unallocated

Currently In Hadaugago II - Moon 1 - Republic Military School awaiting Career Agent training
No Kill rights
1 Neural Remap avail now + 2 Bonus remaps

5.5B ISK Buyout

Thank you

Bumpity Bump

@Jako_Kreutzfeldt your skillq.net link does not work, please update it with a shared link and test with an incognito browser to verify. If this is not resolved within 24 hours, this thread will be locked.

Replaced link with a shared link. Thanks for letting me know!

2.5B here

No thanks.

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2.6b here

3 bill


3.5 bill?


Looking for 5B min bid thanks.


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Daily Bump

3.5b here

4.5 B here if still available

Bump me

character still available?

whats best price, rdy to buy and pay right away