WTS 7 MSP Mining Character

(Airborne MikeW) #1

Send message for details

(Airborne MikeW) #2


(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #3


(Airborne MikeW) #4

5.5 and I pay transfer and will be a done deal?

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #5

allright can you wait one day ?ill do 5.5

(Airborne MikeW) #6


I can wait. Send me an eve mail

(Verrathien) #7

If its still open to bid, want to bid 6b.

(Airborne MikeW) #8

Still Open

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #9

lol the deal was on but w.e i cant pay 6 bill enjoy

(Airborne MikeW) #10

Never heard back with an eve mail .

(Marisole) #11

Allow me to introduce you to the Eve Character Bazaar.

OP should read up, as this post violates nearly every rule.

(Airborne MikeW) #12

Not sure that it does. It discloses everything. I had the right to pull back as I have not heard from him. If it does violate then the GM can remove it.

(Marisole) #13

Uh…maybe re-read Sections B and C. You did none of those things in the OP.

(Verrathien) #14

Sorry, I think we are in opposite zones, just came online. Bid is still on.

Also can you please share details mentioned in Sections B and C (kill rights, etc) as well. Don’t want it rejected after I send ISK to you.

(blackmamba230 Pappotte) #15


(Airborne MikeW) #16

Mamba you take it. I will start the transfer process today.

(system) #17

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