WTS 74m sp pve chara Nyx V/palardin golem V

No killrights
Positive wallet
In NPC corp
located in High sec
security status 5.0
bid 55B
B/O 65B

60b offer

61b offer

65b b/o

no !!! i want it too

Can I trade now? Or you can sell to the higher bidder, which is already my highest bid

I find it difficult to handle,maybe you can bid higher

66b offer

66b offer please

accept, pls send the account

Okay, just give me a second. Five minutes

The account and isk have been sent to you in the game, please check

If you get this, please let me know. Thank you

received,I ll transfor char as soon as i can

Thank you very much. Look forward to the transfer completion

sry about that,it seems that your transfer account is unavailable,could you pls check the account or mail again?

sry wait i will check it

I checked the information from the official website and re-sent the email to you

Thank you for your trouble

Please let me know if you have any other questions

Maybe the problem is, I signed up in all capital letters