WTS 76 milsp sub-cap ( Max skill vargur and more + )

Very good killboard, pirate most from the corp history!

A lot of skins
Located in Caldari space
Positive Wallet ( 89,622,781.83 ISK )
Positive Security Status
No Kill rights
No Bounty
Marauder V
Most subcap trained + some capitals ( not maxed )

Start : 55b

This is not necessary, because you only sell the character and transfer it using the character transfer function in your account management.
This function is subject to a fee, and you as the seller must pay an amount for the transfer.

The sale of entire accounts is excluded and prohibited by the EULA. If the account changes hands, the corresponding accounts of those involved will be permanently banned.

Therefore, please remove the passage where you mention the mail and password change within 24 hours, otherwise we would have to close this thread.

thanks for the info, i have read now how to do it :slight_smile: lets wait the offers!

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Let’s see if we get more offers :9 auction will close in 2 days ( 29 / 02 / 2024 )

closed .-.