WTS 76M Rag/Hel/Nag/JF/Paladin+++++++++++

Minmatar Dreadnought V
Capital Ships V
Minmatar Carrier V
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration V
Fighters V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Heavy Fighters IV
Light Fighters IV

positiv wallet
no kill rights
Located in HS

Start bid : 50B

1M Free point

Thread reopened.

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45 bil, first and final offer

50B Ready for Trading


60B final offer, available in 2 days

offer accepted !
but its my first time to sell alt, what should i do next?

I’m also a first-time buyer, I heard that BUYER pays the ISK first, and then the SELLER does the account transfer. Please provide a ready-made game character ID that can receive ISK and I will pay 60B ISK.

pls sent isk to SponnyYouth , and i will start the Character transfer after cheking wallet

Please remove your Accountname from the Forum and send the needed informations via ingame Mail to the Seller.

EDIT. I have alklready removed the Informations from this Thread for Security reasons.

ISK has been paid. Please check the in-game mail.

Do I need to prepare the OMEGA time on my account for receiving character?

No, you do not need Omega to recieve a Charakter.
But be aware that all Omegaskills on this Characer would be disabled until the Account has a active Omega Subsription.

isk recieved, i will start the thansfer

i will pay it at about 10:00 am in eve time , sry for waiting

8hours later?