Deal closed

Good day!
Willing to sell a good PvP toon :

1 Positive wallet balance, 2 no kill rights, 3 positive standings(0,9) , 4 docked in Jita-4.

Looking for around 85B Isk , starting bid 65Bb Isk. Ty in advance

62B extraction price

65B bid

70b offer

Hi there. I had no access to PC for few days IRL .If the offer is active please contact me in game.



71B offer

Why not. Contact me in game :wink:

If that fell through, i’ll pay the same.

Hi! We can proceed if u are still interested (I cannot answer and contact you via game -not allowed)))

Sure, i’ll have the ISK sent over. I’ll have to contact you in game for the account name though, it’ll just be a mail.

Sent the isk and sent you a mail with the account to transfer to.

Thank you,ISK recieved. Proceeding.

All done, you should get it soon. Enjoy & good luck )o7

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