WTS 77m sp Characther

WTS Hex Crognard


77M sp
security status 5.0
location: dodoxie
No Kill Rights
Some attribute implaints
In NPC corp
Positive wallet (1M isk)

60b min 65bn BO

60B offer
Edit: Any remaps?

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Yes remap is available and has +4 standard attributes implants installed

Ok lets do it. 60bn.

Isk and account info sent

transfer paid for, please confirm when you receive it.

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I can see he’s on the way already.

Thank you sir, I have another characther up for sale 13m sp you want the details?

Sure, but I will need to wait about another 8 hours or so because the other account is current in the process of a transfer.

Lets talk tomorrow. Thank you good sir. any problems you know where to find me.

I’d be interseting to see the skill sheet

hahahah I actually dont, I bought your character! LOL

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I have another one up for sale 13m sp toon

Wts 14sp toon - Marketplace / Character Bazaar - EVE Online Forums

I see that but its still locked cause you haven’t reposted it. I recommend logging out of Hex, and logging in as that character and create the new thread.

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