WTS 67M sp Golem / Ishtar / Arazu / Scanner

Hex Crognard Skill & Standings Sheet (tools4eve.com)
(Not sure why its 200K sp off)
(Assets not included)

Wallet Positive
Sec Standing Positive
No Kill Rights
Implants: Slots 1-5 are +4s w/ a Zors in Slot 7
JCs: None
Remaps Available: 1
Attributes Currently Mapped: Int / Mem
Ship Skins: 234

Price: 60B


Lets give it until 18:00 Eve time for any other bids. Otherwise he will be yours.

Under 3 Hours remaining.

Blockquote 60b~~~~

You got him, Send Isk and Account information for the transfer to Hex. I will get it started once I have both

ISK and email have been sent, please initiate role transfer

Transfer started:

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