[WTS] 79.5M SP - Carrier 5/BlackOps 5/Hulk 5 Pilot

:arrow_forward: DRONES :arrow_backward:
Clone With +4 Implants
Positive Security Status.
No Killrights.
Another Jump Clone in QFGB-E with +4 Implants.
Character in Jita.
With 3 Remaps Avaliable.
Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jammed_Undies

:crown: DRONES :crown:
Drone Avionics V
Drone Interfacing V
Drone Durability V
Drone Sharpshooting V
Drone Navigation V
Drones V
Fighters V
Light Drone Operation V
Medium Drone Operation V
Heavy Drone Operation V
Sentry Drone Interfacing V

:crown: SHIELDS :crown:
Shield Compensation V
Shield Management V
Shield Operation V
Shield Upgrades V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V
Capital Shield Operation V
Capital Shield Emission Systems IV

:crown: ENGINEERING :crown:
Advanced Weapon Upgrades V
Capacitor Emission Systems V
Capacitor Systems Operation V
CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V

:crown: MISSILES :crown:
Cruise Missiles V
Guided Missile Precision V
Warhead Upgrades V

:crown: NAVIGATION :crown:
Fuel Conservation V
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V

:crown: SPACESHIP COMMAND :crown:
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Black Ops V
Capital Ships V
Caldari Carrier V
Caldari Dreadnought I
Exhumers V
Marauders IV

Anchoring V

Bidding starts at 60b
B/O: 80b

65 billion


67 bil

Friendly bump



Bump bump

I accept you offer
Sent email with details and isk

sent acc and isk

Character Transfered to account: ei******
PaymentID: 39****83

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