Sold! 52.3 Mil sp Black ops Carrier 5 WH toon

I am ready to explore new systems!!!

I come with 6 mil sp in drones
I can fly a Ninazu damn near perfectly!!!
With Gallente Carrier 5!!!
Amarr Carrier 4!
Of cousre I can use t2 Triage!!!

I also come with Black Ops 5!!!
I can bridge covert ops!!!

I will come with a midgrade slave set!!
I will be located in a highsec station when sold.

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character and jump clones will all be in high sec

I am accepting offers

42b Can trade now


44 B/o 5 hour offer


45 Billions

Thank you for the offer, starting to get up to the range I’m looking for. I am in no rush to be sold however.


What price you like?

Considering the implants and all I think 48 is fair

Let’s do it with 47 Billion isk.

48 billion ISK right here

Congratulation =)

I accept your offer of 48 bil… please send it and account information. I am traveling today so I will start shortly after downtime tomorrow

Isk and account info sent. Great doing business with you!

Isk received transfer started thank you

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