Sold 60.7 Mil sp WH sub cap specialist

Bring on the WH fights!!!

I have over 500 mil in unallocated SP
7.3 Mil in guns
and nearly 7 mil in drones
I can put up T2 bubbles

I have perfect subsystem skills for both the loki and Legion
I can fly a badass Sleipnir!!!

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character and jump clones will all be in high sec

I am open to offers


40 bil

50 bil

51 bil

52 bil




54 Billion ISK right here

57bil if still for sale

58 Billion ISK

I will be traveling for the next 24 hours so I’m unable to transfer regardless however if there’s no higher bids in the next 24 hours I will accept your offer of 58 bil

58 bil offer accepted please send isk and account information

Getting on now, sending ISK and account info within 5 minutes.

Isk and account info sent. Great doing business with you!

Isk received and character sent thank you!

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