Sold! 42 mil SP WH PVPer

I am perfect for wormhole life!!!
I come with 750k unallocated sp

I come with perfect scanning skills
Good pi skills
Booster skills
I can also use drugs perfectly!!!
I can lite covert cynos!!!
AND I have perfect sub skills for both the Legion and Tengu!!!

Wallet is positive
No killrights
I will be located in high sec

I am open to offers

30 bil


35 Billion ISK, payment ready currently

40 Bil, payement in 24 hours

40 bil offer accepted please send isk and account name

I just got a email from stating he chose to purchase a different character I’m still for sale…


40b,pay in 24 hours

I accept your 40 bil offer… please send it and account information. I am traveling today so I will start shortly after downtime tomorrow

Sure, will send in 30min

account info and isk sent.

Plz let me know if you have initiated the transfer

Risk received and transfer started thank you!

Character received. Thank you

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