WTS 8.9m Rattlesnake Pilot


:tiger: Heavy Missiles V
:unicorn: Cruise Missiles V
:timer_clock: 2 bonus remaps (2019.02.10 on yearly)

  • Positive Sec status
  • located in Jita
  • Positive Wallet
  • In NPC corp
  • No JC

GM Ticket with Plex transfer will be used

B/O: 7b

Confirming for sale

6b offered

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hi, 6.1b

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6.2b offered

Thanks for the offers so far, headed in the right direction.

My offer of 6.2b is good for 2h from this post, otherwise it will be withdrawn

6.3 my offer

Updated B/O to 7b if you can meet me there

6.3B is my final offer i think -

7b b/o

Accepted. Please send isk/acct name to Ronin Savage in game.

Post here once done and I’ll login and get the plex in vault and the ticket submitted

isk and account name sent


1k plex are in my vault, and the GM ticket has been submitted.


Feel free to hit up @Brock_Khans to get update on the ticket

Transfer completed

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