WTS 81.7m SP char

Selling this character:
Skill Points 81,730,939
Positive Sec Status
Positive Wallet
No Kill Rights
Yearly Remap avaible
Character Location Jita 4-4

  • Full set Mid-Grade Crystal for the abyss
    Good Zkillboard
    B/O 72kk

67 bil.

69 bil.

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72 billion.

Tnx for bid

back up thanks

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60 bil

61 bil

61.5 bil

62 bil

62.5 bil

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Have a good sale

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60bil valid until i buy a toon

153-Skill Extractor=58.45kkk
153-Large Skill Injector=124.2kkk
124,2kkk-58.45kk=65.75kkk profit!
I can also take it apart into cans! but I would like someone to continue to play them!