19.18 mil sp alpha character

was a maxed out alpha character until the new skill cap came in. pos sec, 0.0 wallet, no kill rights. sat in jita.

some nice skins

have skill ready as a base to be a blops pilot , or as a skill farm.

need a quick sale

b/o 17.5b

UPDATED SKILL SHEET:https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Clarity_Hawkmoth

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https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Clarity_Hawkmoth sorry - foolishly forgot this. have left corp but this hasn’t updated.

10 bil

bump bump

Still for sale?

possibly. I am disputing some ccp weirdness with not being able to log into this char. when resolved i will be on sale again.

When Resolved, 10.5 Bil

11B offer

11.2B Offer

11.5B offer



This character is for sale again thanks to CCP Gm Ix helping me re-access my account.

11.5B offer

thanks for bid, going to be selling to highest bidder or b/o by 2300 on 25/5/20


i have 12b from @Arisha_Moon on another thread

can do 13b right now

thankyou for the offer, I will allow this to run until 2300 on 25/5/20 as i said i would.

13.5b offer.