WTS 81M SP Perfect Revelation, Amarr Combat Pilot

Looking at offers. Positive wallet, positive sec status, located in Jita at 4-4 In Station, No Jump Clones, No Kill Rights. Transfer isk to this char.

85 bill b/o


Try posting a price?


i understand you want 68bil but believe me, this ain’t worth anywhere close to 68b. I will offer you 38 billions while the market is hot. don’t wait too long or i’ll backout.

40b my offer

If you hadnt dropped out of your corp you need to

Just like that your offer is like tears in the rain

41B offer



How does this character bazaar work?




Yes and i’m not sure what your on about.

I was replying to someone asking how it worked

45b offer

Thank you for offer but too low

50b offer