WTS 82.5m Perfect Ragnarok Erebus Vanquisher

82.5mill SP - 525k unallocated

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Violet_Winters - PW = 123

  • Gallente and Minmatar Titan 5
  • Artillery, Autocannon, Railgun, Blaster Capital Specs 5
  • Doomsday 5
  • Doomsday Rapid Fire 5
  • Navs all 5, including Portal Generator 5
  • Siege 5

1. Wallet balance.

2. Kill rights
None :blush:

3. Jump clones
https://i.imgur.com/xuzZZdH.png - Ascendancies
All Genolutions

4. Character location.
Jita 4-4

Buy out 115


I want a simple character Ragnarok pilot

80b —

Sorry but that is too low. Bump.

Happy Saturday…

Nice char. everything looks great other than the biology/neurotoxin skills. But hey praise injectors I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Happy to offer 90b valid for 24h

Hey man, thanks for the offer but I’m going to hold out a while longer see if there’s any more interest.





95B valid for 24h

96b offer, valid for 24h/untill I find better

98B valid for 24h

110B valid for 24h

111 valid untill Friday downtime

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