WTS - 83.1M (incl 8.4M unallocated) SP - Golem/Vargur, T3

Good Day,

I’d like to sell this pilot: SkillQ.net - Riot Mar

  • 83.1M SP which includes 8.4M unallocated SP
  • 3 Remaps (2 bonus & 1 annual)
  • 3 Clones (located in HS):
    —Mid Grade Crystals with Omega and 3% missile hard wirings;
    —Mid Grade Crystals with Omega and 3% projectile hard wirings;
    —Mid Grade Asklepian and 3% hybrid and tanking hard wirings.
  • L4 Mission capable with multiple factions (SOE, etc)
  • 364 ship skins
  • Positive wallet & security status
  • Parked in Jita with no kill rights for or against him
  • He is in NPC corp with only 1 private corp history

Finally, I pay the $20 transfer fee and ISK only goes to this character.

Start: 55B

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