WTS 83M SP Super car, Dreadnoughts,

  • Positive wallet

  • 4.43 security status

  • No kill rights

  • Located in Jita

  • In NPC corp

                                Start: 70 Bil
                                B/O: 83 Bil

No JDC or JFC. Some other skills are lacking. 65B

Why are there no offers to buy?

60B offer

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50 B offer :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But there’s a 65 B offer above. Why did you choose the 60 B one?

52 B offer

he was offline for more than 2 days

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still relevant? if yes I accept your bid

53b offer

No,i just offline for 1 day

Your prices are ridiculous, do you really think I’ll sell it to you for that price?


This is the actual market value of your toon, 47 B.
It is calculated from the price of skill extractors and large skill injectors. If you hover over it in qsna, you will know.

For two months though, everyone is paying a higher price to buy toons when they don’t need to, basically making the bazaar great for sellers. But hope you also have luck with that. There are many people looking for characters to play with. They will give a price above 60 B or to your taste.

And your buy out is ridiculous :upside_down_face:
Initial opening value is also too steep, hence you asking why no bids.

Things influencing how I perceive the value

  • name. —
  • not fit for purpose, its missing sp in vital areas (jump skills hello?!) –
  • personally with current skillset its not particularly useful to me, I will need to extract and juggle a lot of SP. —
  • you seem in a hurry to sell (half wonder if that first bid was astroturfing) -
  • Near extractor value +

You do realise all bids are helping keeping your sale bumped and relevant to everyone else? Idk why you take offense to someone helping

il offer 59b

61b offer

send isk and info

Isk and account name sent :+1:

Could you let me know if you intend to complete this transaction?

If the seller doesn’t want to get back to you here, then I recommend that you to create a Support Ticket so that a gamemaster can help you and, if necessary, refund the isk.

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