WTS 87m SP Character (Skill board link fixed)

  1. Selling Shaida

    87m SP, Full set of implants
    Sec Status 7.0
    No clones
    1 Isk
    Located in Jita Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant in a Ibis

    67 Billion Isk

all rules of ccp character sales will be followed:
all characters positive wallet
all characters are free from kill rights
all characters in high sec and npc corp (Jita)

Please post with joe that he is for sale, per rules.

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Morning, my apologies and I will make a seperate post(?) for Joe.


You can post here that he is for sale with him in this post

Skillboard is not working/linked correctly, please resolve and flag your original post to have this thread unlocked.