WTS 87m sp pilot, good subcap + dread skills

For sell http://eveboard.com/pilot/Eltinen

  • positive wallet
  • npc corporation
  • located in Jita
  • remap available

focused on PVP skills +

  • Minmatar dreads V
  • Gallente dreads V
  • Capital Hybrid & Projectile turrets V
  • Siedge T2
    good PVP/PVE pilot for WH

start bid: 70b
buyout: 75b

65 bil


still selling, start bid 72b

bump bump


daily bump

still selling!

daily bump

start bid: 70bil
b/o: 75bil

daily bump

daily bump

73b buyout

Hammersmashed face, 73 bil accepted
you can send isks and accaunt name to ingame mail

Done, check your wallet and mails

Started it yet or are you doing it via petition?

CCP refuse me in transfer for plex. Now i pay by visa. Transfer Will be completed after: 12/23/2017 12:00:59 AM

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