WTS 87mil All Races SuperCarrier Focussed Pilot / Rorqual Pilot

EveSkillboard - Luna Deis

Starting Bid, 65bil

1. Wallet balance.
Is Zero isk positive (at point of transfer all isk will be emptied before transferring)

2. Kill rights
Zero Kill rights.

3. Jump clones
All Jump clones will be destroyed prior to account transfer.

4. Character location.
Character will be moved to Perimeter prior to transfer, with its high value amulet clone.

Every Carrier Skill to 5.
86.8 mil skillpoint character
24 Mil Drone Speced,
Industrial Reconfig 5.
Ice Harvesting 5, Ice Excavators 4,
Missing Mining Drone Skills, but 295k free skillpoints
Rorqual Pilot Skill not injected, but has 295k free skillpoints
(295k free skill points if you dont want to make it a full fledged rorqual pilot)
Has High Grade Amulet Set Implants.


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