WTS 89M SP focused M/C/G include Supercarriers and Dreadnoughts and Marauders and HeavyAssaultCruiser

located in Jita 4-4 in NPC Corporations.
Wallet balance - 0 ISK
No killrights
5.0 secirity status

start 87b, b/o 91b

Can you use this?https://www.qsna.eu/eve/characters/manage

75b offer

87B B/O


@ER_Ijonen alright, I don’t want to waste time anymore,accept 87b.send isk and mail me in game.

The money has already been called and The account number can be sent to you by email。

@ER_Ijonen Received the isk and mail,but i delete accidentally the mail so can you send mail again,thx

ii have to send email to you again

@ER_Ijonen ok, the transfer has started.

@ER_Ijonen transfer has completed.do you received the Char?

yes ,thanks