WTS 9.1 mil sp trader, miner, freighter pilot

Auction for a few days.
Reserve is B/O of 7b
(Low ball 8 extractor price + average extractor farm character)
Located in jita.
Positive wallet and security.
Updating all clones in high sec.
no kill rights.


6b offer

6,5 bil

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Good morning daily bump.

I’ve updated the post to include a buy out with consideration for the 8 extractors worth of sp this character carries and the average sale price of a extractor farmer.

The sale will run for 12 more hours.

ok 7 bil

7.4b offer

7.6b offer

8.5 Bil

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Going to end it here. Accepting
Nightmother’s 8.5 Bil

Please send isk and info and I’ll start the transfer. Thank you !

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Thank you :slight_smile: Isk and account info sent. Appreciate this.

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Received starting transfer! Thank you :slight_smile:

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