WTS 9.2 starter subcap toon

Master hates me :frowning: he extract almost all sp with those nasty syringes and planing go even worse, i knew, i feel it. Luckly i manage to bribe exotic dancer, she like me because i have bigger ehm… killbord, yep (i really suspect thats the real reason master hates me). She gave him soporific so i can wrote this message to you, i have plan of escape but it require some isk, if you help me with this, i will serve you. Yes, yes i knew thats quet risky idea, but i hope your are better then that evil one.

Isk need to run 5.5 bil (Start) if some one give more that will surely help, and i certain that 7.5 bil will be enogh (BO) my facebook account (i met those dancer there, hello Minny and thank you again) https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Marti_Novac

No remaps
I’m in an NPC corp, All CCP rules etc.
End date : 48 hour since start bid
Starting Bid: 5.5 bill
Buyout 7.5 B
9.2 kk sp

  1. Wallet balance. Positive
  2. Kill rights - No
  3. Jump clones - 1 in wh
  4. Character location. Hi Sec - Perimetr

i pay get isk and pay tranfer fee

P.S previous topic was closed by my master friends, i suppose :slight_smile: