WTS 9,3 mil SP toon [SOLD]

This toon is for sale


All magic 14 level 5
Cybernetics 5
Light drone operation and drones 5
Caldari Frigate 5 (can be trained for assault frigates immediately)
Starter Caldari but can be specialized in others
Bonus Remaps Available: 2

Positive Security Status
No Kill Rights
NPC Corp
Located in Jita 4.4
No Jump Clones
Positive Wallet

I will pay transfer fee to CCP

Starting bid: 7 bil

ready to pay 7bil

Offer considered but looking for more.

Daily bump

7.5B :wink:

7.5b accepted send isk to this char and i will begin the transfer :wink:

ISK on the way and ingame mail send.

Isk received and I have just started the transfer.

Got the char. Thx

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