WTS 9.5mil SP Hulk/T2 Null sec miner


That’s me above :blush:

mining drone op V so you can quickly continue on progressing specialty.

Auction ends Friday, I will post 1 hour prior but sometime after 5pm EST US (utc -5)

This character is to receive the ISK. I will pay transfer fee via credit card.
Pilot located in secure empire space. positive wallet, no kill rights. all other ccp rules apply.

Starting bid 8bil
Buyout 11bil


up up

keeping auction open today. anybody wanna take toon home today

I give 3.5B

thanks for the offer

offer retracted

4.5B Its the top for me!




4.9billy, dont need 3.1m sp in resource processing.

I’ll bid 5B

5.1 bill

I can offer 5.5bill. Send me eve mail if i win.

that wont win so dont worry but thx for free bumps
if u dont need the t2 null sec crystals, hence the 3.1m, then this isnt the toon for u.

i need t2 crystals It could be the toon for me still. I could take her to the clone bay and put her in surgery do do brain operation to remove all voids,. I bid again 5.6b

6bill :slight_smile:

8b. offer last for 1 day.

8.1, this offer wont last long either