WTS 90m SP Sub Cap + Phoenix B/O added


selling my self because have actually no time for EVE.

Eve Skillboard Link

Perfect support skills
All Cruiser expect Amaar 5
Caldary Dread 5, XL Torp secialized
JDC 5, Siege 2 rdy
Level 4 agent ready
Located in Jita (+5 imp expect Social)
Positive Wallet, No killrights

Looking for 70 B/O


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52b Offer

Thanks but need much more

We all need much more, just the how… is mostly the question :slight_smile:
GL in getting :slight_smile:

Thank you for this offer. But I looking for more

Daily bump

Up to top

Daily bump

Up to top

55b offer

56b offer


57b offer

Up to top B/O is 70b

57b sell me right?

Sorry this char will not sold under 70b

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Upgraded sp

70b if you can wait me to 12/25

If you make a safety payment it’s possible because I’m not in hurry