WTS 93 mil SP Transport Ships (V) Supcap

  • Positive wallet
  • positive security status
  • No kill rights
  • Located at Jita station
  • In NPC corp

Starting bid 82b ISK

daily up

daily up

70b offer

How about 76 billion? It’s still low, but it would be fairer than 70 billion, and I will sell it now.

I’m waiting for your answer

May be interested in this, whats the main subcap for pvp you flew on this toon?

I’ll do the 76b buyout on this toon you mentioned above. @Bust3d

ok ok I just wanted to write to you) you can send isk and info

Give me about 10-15 minutes

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isk and info sent.

done ty

Do you also want to buy a second alt?


I’m good with the 2 I bought :slight_smile: Thank you!

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Character Received.