WTS 94.4 mil SP PVP Pilot with implants


Is for sale. I’ve reduced the starting bid
-10 sec status
Will come with implant sets all in low sec NPC stations.
1 kill right available for 6 days and another 8 days
Mid Grade Slaves
High Grade Snakes
High Grade Asklepians
High Grade Crystals
High Grade Slaves
Starting bid is 75 bil
Bidding ends on the 17th of Feb at 12:00

75 bil


Please check my implant sets. The clones alone are worth over 12 bil. This is a really good deal at the moment so long as you are not looking to simply rip the SP out.

80B offered


Daily Bump

Daily bump

Daily bump, just a few more days left on this



Daily bump


84bil ready

85billion iskys


Daily bump just another hour left

You’ve won the auction please let me know once ISK has been transfered and I will send the character over

account info and ISK have transfered ,plz send the character

Transfer has been done