WTS 94.4 mil SP PVP Pilot with implants

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #1


Is for sale. I’ve reduced the starting bid
-10 sec status
Will come with implant sets all in low sec NPC stations.
1 kill right available for 6 days and another 8 days
Mid Grade Slaves
High Grade Snakes
High Grade Asklepians
High Grade Crystals
High Grade Slaves
Starting bid is 75 bil
Bidding ends on the 17th of Feb at 12:00

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(TxivYawg1) #2

75 bil

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #3


(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #4

Please check my implant sets. The clones alone are worth over 12 bil. This is a really good deal at the moment so long as you are not looking to simply rip the SP out.

(Helen Gao) #5

80B offered

(KingMang0o) #6


(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #7

Daily Bump

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #8

Daily bump

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #9

Daily bump, just a few more days left on this

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(Basgeriny) #11


(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #12

Daily bump

(KingMang0o) #13


(Basgeriny) #14

84bil ready

(KingMang0o) #15

85billion iskys

(Basgeriny) #16


(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #17

Daily bump just another hour left

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #18

You’ve won the auction please let me know once ISK has been transfered and I will send the character over

(Basgeriny) #19

account info and ISK have transfered ,plz send the character

(Pleasedont Hurtmeee) #20

Transfer has been done