WTS 98.8m sp multipul Titan /Dread/ Carrier / Rorq / JF pilot

As title I am for sale
Skills link

This character can fly 3 types of titan , caldari . minmatar . and amarr
Can fly all race dreads and carriers
Can fly t2 minmatar battle ships like panther and Vargur
Can also fly minmatar jump frighter
Has jump cal V
Can use t2 capital guns for multipul races
Can build upto supercapitals in production and has alot of extra skills injected that just need training for Tech2 production and scanning

Confirming that i have a positive wallet

And that i have 5 jump clones with implants

  1. full improved with scanning implants
  2. High grade crystal set with omega and projectile implants ( for vargur )
  3. Mid grade full slave
  4. high grade slave set with omega for avatar
  5. improved with industry implants for copy and build times

This character will come with some silly assets just that i cba to get rid of but apart from that u will get a very decent pvp and prouction toon . this is a do it all character and i would apreciate some decent bids

please only post offer on here as i want it to be a legit sale

highest bid received on the 19th will get this character . ( due to having 200bill in asset saftey )

Feel free to offer me a decent buyout

60b start offer

Ty for the bid friend

61 bil

Ty for the offer

90b offered

thats a very nice offer thank you very much

Bumping to the top

will have amarr titan 5 in 9 days

Still for sale

Still for sale

Still for saale


Thank you very much for the offer

Let’s talk about your buyout price.

Sure mail me ingame or we can chat on discord ?

OK I contact in the game

I initiated a dialogue in the game. ID: KiloAlpha

93b i offer for it bump