⭕ WTS a 42,3M SP SUP CAP, CAP, Revelation, JF max lvl on Jumping & fuel

25 bil

Well, at first I wasn’t thinking of letting him go for minus 30b and keeping him to grow :wink:

But I want to go quickly on my project, can we cut the pear in half at 27.5B ?

27.5B I want it

Nice you know rules of this Market ?

I dom’t know market rules

I read it and understood the rules, so how do I pay you

Typically :

[1] Transfer the isk in game to the char you buy
[2] Send the char a in game mail with your CCP name account
[3] I initiate the transfer on the ccp website
[4] Respond here when the transfer has finished. Finished thanks =)

I can log the char now, so we can go quick on this ^^

please wait for me I’ll be fine soon

Ok I’m log

Sorry, something happened to me, I can’t trade right now
But I don’t want to give up on this deal, please wait for me for a few hours
Take care of things and I’ll get back to you right away
sorry for the inconvenience

Ok i understand, but was stuck 1 hour on the char…

Bump up

Hello seller, I want to confirm that I put 27.5 bil into Wellan Avalian’s character and then write a letter?

You have to send to the char a in game mail with your name account, your CCP account.
I need it to proceed and pay CCP fees

And we deal on 27.5B, not the 1 ISK sent.

Don’t worry, this is an official place. If you want we can have help of forum moderator

1 isk error sent and so on send the correct amount Please wait for me. Almost ready.

Is it possible to trade now?