91.6mil SP PVE/JF/Logistics character for sale

Character currently in npc corp and located in Jita
91.6mil SP
Great exploration character that can fly a JF with max skills and is approx one day from a Rorq. Fantastic Tengu or Legion pilot
No Killrights
Positive security rating
Three jump clones.

Starting bids - 50bil
Reserve - 65bil
Buyout - 72bil



post with the char for sale.

I don’t believe that’s a requirement? But anyway here I am to confirm I’m being sold.

Before posting, please be aware that any sales threads posted by characters that are not the character being sold will be locked and/or deleted.

Proof of ownership of the character comes in the form of the character that is being sold making the sales thread in which people can bid for it.

Bloody Jobsworth