WTS A handful of rare SKINs

All located in Jita.

Panther Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN - 75b (probably one of the rarest skins I’ve ever held)
Guristas Victory SKIN x2 - 28b each
Nestor One Eden SKIN x2 - 22b each
Stratios One Eden SKIN x2 - 8b each
Astero One Eden SKIN x2 - 4b each

Pretty firm on these as they are below Jita price and market history suggests that some of them have gone for significantly more in the past (e.g. Guristas Victory sold for 44.5b in the last year). Open to offers or trades on the Panther SKIN. I had an exceptionally hard time finding a seller several years ago when I intended to use it myself. Not sure you’ll ever see another.

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Still have these available.