[WTS] Yoiul Festival YC121 SKINs - Panther and Talos

Title, have one of each for sale.
None on market, last panther went for mid 4bn and last talos went for 7bn.

Would expect at least 7bn each, haven’t got a buyout in mind though.



Is this sold?

@Aurora_Evelox not yet, one offer on the panther that I thought was too low

Will u be online today

It seems like we’re in almost opposite timezones - I’m on now for a while, I’ll try keep an eye on the post

No reply, still for sale!

im online now if u are

Sent you a PM, going to be easier than trying to organise through a forum post.



b u m p


Willing to put an offer down, send Harry Pottah an EVE Mail.

Sent mail.

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