WTS a Legacy Large Trimark Rig Fitted Thanathos

Returning Player Want to Sell a Thanathos fitted with Large Trimark Armor Pump I. Its sitting safely at Aunenen Keep star. As i know you can no longer fit large rigs in carriers, hope there will be some rich collectors can buy this out.

I saw Thanathos are selling steadily at 1.34bil, I only want a offer similar to that range.

Help a returning player out and shoot me a mail if interested :slight_smile:


To be honest mate a t1 large trimark rigged thanatos barely has any extra value, above the normal price of a standard t1 capital rigged one. I reckon youโ€™re better off just chucking it up on contract at the normal price and selling it that way.

Up to you ofc, but in my opinion the time it would to take selling it via the forums is never going to be worth the small chance that somebody will pay a little more for it.

Best of luck with your sale either way :bananaparrot:


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