WTS Imperfect Collector's Item: Large Rigged Thanatos

WTA an imperfect collector’s item:

Thanatos with x2 legacy rigs with Large Shield Extender I, and x1 Capital Large Shield Extender I

Will post a screenshot when I get home.

Starting bid: 1.5billion, with full fuel minus outjump.
Delivery: Low sec NPC station in forge, of my own choosing, via contracts - likely Aumenan
Buyout: offers near 3bil
Auction End-date is 7 days or if a buyout bid is accepted.


To the top!

Tbf m8 no one will offer u 3b for a carrier , + it only has 2 large Riggs + it’s shield rigged .You prob. Can be happy to get 1,5b for it

That’s a start yes. IF that’s an offer, I will accept 1.5bil as starting bid. Buyout probably won’t happen, but we shall see if anymore bids.

As someone who collects these types of things, take the 1.5b and run.

sorry it isnt a offer, its just a friendly info and bump

Final Bump! It’s gonna go poop otherwise…you have been warned…

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