WTS Imperfect Collector's Item: Large Rigged Thanatos


(SirFur) #1

WTA an imperfect collector’s item:

Thanatos with x2 legacy rigs with Large Shield Extender I, and x1 Capital Large Shield Extender I

Will post a screenshot when I get home.

Starting bid: 1.5billion, with full fuel minus outjump.
Delivery: Low sec NPC station in forge, of my own choosing, via contracts - likely Aumenan
Buyout: offers near 3bil
Auction End-date is 7 days or if a buyout bid is accepted.

(SirFur) #2


(SirFur) #3

To the top!

(Steveo Mowi) #4

Tbf m8 no one will offer u 3b for a carrier , + it only has 2 large Riggs + it’s shield rigged .You prob. Can be happy to get 1,5b for it

(SirFur) #5

That’s a start yes. IF that’s an offer, I will accept 1.5bil as starting bid. Buyout probably won’t happen, but we shall see if anymore bids.

(Nolak Ataru) #6

As someone who collects these types of things, take the 1.5b and run.

(Steveo Mowi) #7

sorry it isnt a offer, its just a friendly info and bump

(SirFur) #8

Final Bump! It’s gonna go poop otherwise…you have been warned…

(system) #9

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